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Why We Help FLL

In keeping with our mission to set fire to the earth and spread our love for technology and engineering, the IgKNIGHTers have sponsored 49 Lego teams since inception and hosted Regional Qualifying Tournaments annually. FLL competitions expose elementary school students to real-world engineering challenges when they have to build their own LEGO-based robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS® technology.

2016 - Animal Allies

The 2016 Animal Allies Challenge asked kids to think about how animals are integrated into the modern world. The IgKNIGHTers hosted an FLL Qualifying Tournament at McQuaid Jesuit High School with over 25 individual FLL teams participating. Over 500 spectators attended the event and it was covered by a major local news outlet.

2015 - Trash Treck

The 2015 Trash Trek Challenge addressed the way trash is currently handled and challenged students to find a new way to handle the trash. The IgKNIGHTers hosted an FLL Qualifying Tournament at McQuaid with more than 25 individual FLL teams participating. The event was attended by over 500 spectators and it was covered on two local news channels.

2014 - World Class

In the 2014 World Class Project, teams were challenged to find a topic they wanted to learn about and then come up with innovative solutions to improve the learning experience. Over 20 teams attended the IgKNIGHTers FLL Qualifying Tournament. Every local news channel covered the event spreading the message of FIRST to millions of viewers.

2013 - Nature's Fury

In the 2013 NATURE’S FURY™ Challenge, students explored the natural disasters that affect the world each day. Teams discovered what can be done when intense natural events meet the places people live, work, and play.

The IgKNIGHTers sponsored eight LEGO teams: 3 from McQuaid Jesuit, 3 from St. John Neumann, and 2 from Nativity Preparatory Academy. Twenty teams from the area attended our Qualifying Tournament. The IgKNIGHTers acted as mentors, coaches, referees, judges, and event volunteers. Three of our sponsored teams made it to the Championship Tournament held at the University of Rochester. Some of our students also volunteered their time at the Championship tournament.

2012 - Senior Solutions

In 2012, 22 teams attended the McQuaid Jesuit qualifying tournament. The theme of that year was Senior Solutions which was focused on improving life for senior citizens. Teams worked with a senior partner to identify a problem affecting seniors and propose a solution. 2012 was the first year McQuaid had a sixth grade FLL team. We were able to sponsor these teams with the support of Time Warner Cable and Xerox
We sponsored 17 teams which included:

  • McQuaid Jesuit - Germinators
  • Mercy - Free Range Fighters
  • Nativity Prep - Build Guild
  • Nativity Prep - Lil’ Build Guild
  • St. Louis - Rockin’ Robots
  • St. Louis - Digestive Danger
  • St. Louis - X-Ploding Sushi
  • St. John Neumann - Bananas Gone Wild
  • St. John Neumann - Apple Androids
  • St. John Neumann - Holy Cowwch Potatoes
  • St. John Neumann - Mean Melons
  • St. Agnes
  • Buffalo Area
  • Lockport City Schools – Loc Blocks
  • Lockport City Schools – System Upgrade
  • Lockport City Schools – Robot Rockers
  • Buffalo Academy of Science - Wolverines

One of our students commented, “I have been with the IgKNIGHTers for three years, and I have learned that is about more than just winning a competition. We are about building relationships, leaders, and the future.” (Thomas Piersall ’13)

2011 - Food Factor

In 2011, the McQuaid Jesuit IgKNIGHTers continued with their commitment to promote FLL. The IgKNIGHTers sponsored 15 FLL teams and hosted the Qualifying tournament for the 2011 game: Food Factor. The game’s purpose was to investigate your food and find one way to improve its safe delivery to you. Ours was one of eight Qualifying Tournaments held in the Finger Lakes region; it was the largest, covered by three television stations, and watched by over 500 people.

Each year, IgKNIGHTers members act as mentors, hosts, judges, referees and volunteers. Some went on to volunteer at the Championship at U of R. We even won the Entrepreneurship award in Boston for our interactions with Lego teams.
In 2011 we sponsored the following teams:

2010 - Body Forward

Through the Body Forward™ Challenge, FLL teams explored the cutting-edge world of Biomedical Engineering to discover innovative ways to repair injuries, overcome genetic predispositions, and maximize the body's potential, with the intended purpose of leading happier and healthier lives. The IgKNIGHTers sponsored nine Lego robotics teams in 2010 and provided a “kickoff” for our sponsored Lego Teams. The kickoff event allowed teams to practice before the competition and get assistance from IgKNIGHTers. With the support of Xerox and Time Warner Cable, we were able take part in the Finger Lakes regional qualifying round. One team (St. Louis) advanced to the Championship Tournament at U of R. IgKNIGHTers also helped Nativity Prep’s team throughout year with after school enrichment programs.

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