What do Sponsors do for Us?

Our sponsors have helped us immeasurably in the past few years. Our strong relationship allows us to promote FIRST values and spread the message of the importance of STEM to a wide audience. Sponsors provide the team with valuable funding needed to run the team. Others provide materials or use of work spaces that allows us to fabricate higher quality parts for our robot.

Special thanks to our printers, Cohber and Danny Viola. Viola Storage and Traditional Tools gave support in product donations. All of our sponsor's support has been critical in helping us bring our robot to the next level. Our primary sponsors are Xylem and Xerox, who have been providing us funding for several years.

The team is extremely grateful for the support of its sponsors which is essential to our operation.

What we can do for sponsors?

Primarily, we advertise for our sponsors. Their logos are displayed prominently on our robot, website, and all marketing materials we produce. Sponsors are also on the minds of our members as they graduate the team and look for internships or jobs. In the case of Xylem, we have hosted their special event, the Let's Solve Water competition, for several years. More information on the competition may be found on the Let's Solve Water website page.

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