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Robo-Rio Schematics 2015
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These are a few printed Circuit Boards built for our FIRST Robotics Team, 3173, The IgKNIGHTers. These boards will be used on the RoboRio to travel long distances using a sturdy CAN cable. When used properly, the boards are reliable under strain and if the traces are not destroyed, should last a while.
Chief Delphi Logo Chief Delphi is a forum that is great resource for all teams who want to consult with other teams, discuss the latest rule changes, and have any questions answered relating to robotics.
FIRST Logo And of course, FIRST’s website. Here you can keep up to date with any team updates, learn about FIRST, and access tons of helpful information that will pertain to your robotics season, like the rules for this year's game.


IgKNIGHTers invited faculty and staff to all events. Many attended in support of the team. A McQuaid Jesuit Teacher who is also an IgKNIGHTers Mentor moved the paperwork through the process at McQuaid. Parent Mentors kept the momentum going. The results...academic letters for the IgKNIGHTers. We believe that all teams not only sports teams deserve the recognition of a letter. We hope all teams will go to their schools and request a letter. We are here to help however we can.

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